The firm’s consultancy service provides specific advice, guidance and supervision to all relevant functions throughout the project to ensure that all designs, proposals, plans, constructions, materials and goods as well as services are appropriate for the hospitals operation which meet the requirement of the brief. It incorporates the evaluation of all plans, designs (including for building, plant and equipment) in terms of their clinical and operational performance: safety, effectiveness, efficiency, environment, supervision etc.; a major aspect is the assessment of all documented proposals as to their impact on the process and quality of patient care. The scope of services provided by the firm covers various phases of project implementation.

- Development of feasibility study
- Contract management
- Design evaluation and project analysis

- Project brief development
- Conceptual analysis and Master planning
- Medical functional planning

- Medical and non-medical equipments furniture and vehicles planning
- Listing and costing
- Medical equipment engineering coordination
- Procurement, testing and commissioning
- Equipment preventive maintenance and warranty maintenance

- Specialize interior designing
- Healthcare ergonomics design